✅ How to bypass any firewall in the world and say "no" to any censorship? ✅

An effective solution to bypass any DPI blocking is VLESS TCP, VLESS GRPC, VMESS TCP, WMESS WebSocket, Trojan TLS, ShadowSocks protocols [v2ray]

In this short and as clear as possible article, we will look at a simple way to install all these protocols and get a GUI (web interface) to manage profiles, full configuration and other features for your future VPN server that bypasses any DPI checks and packet filtering even in China.


Any device, android, ios, windows, linux can do it by following very simple instructions:

1. Choose the desired plan on the page: https://sebekvps.com/client/

2. Check out and pay for a server;

3. Wait for activation and an email with authorisation data (10 sec);

4. Now we have to go to the control panel of the VPS server.




Here we get to the full server management and go to the reinstall option, select applications and click everything as in the screenshot.


After 2 minutes after starting the reinstallation, connect to the server and get the authorisation data to our VPN GUI

To do this, we need to connect via SSH under root password and enter the following command cat /root/marzban.txt

This file contains everything we will need.


Go to the URL specified in the file and get to the authorisation menu


Enter the data specified in the file and get to the main menu:


When creating a user, you can customise a little more by clicking on the "3 dots" to the right of each protocol.


After creating a user you have 3 quick buttons.



Select a plan: ➡️ https://sebekvps.com/


First button - copies a link to manage the user's "subscription".
You literally get all the information about him, traffic consumption statistics and all the links to connect to VPN using different protocols.


The second button will copy all profiles with one click and you can import them very quickly, for example into the v2box client which is available for all operating systems.


After pre-copying by clicking the second button and pasting this data in the client, all profiles are automatically imported and ready to use.


What clients can I use to connect to these VPN protocols?
Any that support any of the protocols you need.

For example v2box, Outline VPN, Shadowrocket, and any other you wish.



(there's a lot of useful content)


Select a plan: ➡️ https://sebekvps.com/

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