Before initiating an SSH connection, make sure you have an SSH client installed

For Windows users, PuTTY is often a popular choice, while macOS and Linux usually come pre-installed with an SSH client via the system terminal.
Server information: the IP address, username and password (or SSH key) provided by SebekVPS when purchasing a plan is usually sent by mail and can also be found in the billing , in the emails that were sent to you.

How to connect to the server via SSH? Here's the answer:

For Windows users (using PuTTY):
a. Download and install PuTTY from the official website
b. Launch Putty and enter the IP address of your VPS in the "Hostname (or IP address)" field.
c. Specify the port (usually 22) and select "SSH" as the connection type.
d. Click the "Open" button. A security warning will appear the first time you connect. Click "Yes" to continue.
e. Enter your user name and password (the password is not displayed when you enter it) when prompted. Press "Enter" after each one.

For macOS and Linux users:
a. Open Terminal.
b. Use the following command to initiate an SSH connection:

ssh root@ip-vps -p 22

Replace ip-vps with the IP of your VPS server.
c. When you connect for the first time, you will see a message asking if you want to continue connecting. Type "yes" and press "Enter".
d. Enter your password (the password is not displayed when you enter it) when prompted and press "Enter".

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